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A&K Ventures was set up by two young entrepreneurs who decided to strive for making their dreams come true by opening a unique company. A&K Ventures establishes and develops separate entities and brands whenever the opportunity arises. We expand globally by promoting entrepreneurs that operate locally. We do not hire people, we encourage them to set up their own businesses so they can cooperate with us in the long run. We have been successfully replicating this business model from the very beginning. What is more, we empower and focus on such groups like students, expats, and emigrants. We support them by creating new, always challenging jobs.

Entrepreneurship is an individual’s ability to turn ideas into action. It includes creativity, innovation, risk-taking, the ability to plan and manage projects in order to achieve objectives. We decided to start our own business to make our dreams come true. By the way, we have also noticed that we could help others out to take the matters into their own hands and start being financially independent.

Amadeusz Annissimo

Amadeusz Annissimo


Co-Owner of A&K Ventures. Supervises IT, Accounting and Marketing. His passion is coding and backpacking.

Karol Kaczmarek

Karol Kaczmarek


Co-Owner of A&K Ventures. Supervises Operations, Sales, and Marketing. He is passionate about real estate and economy.



A&K Ventures establishes and develops innovative businesses whenever an opportunity arises. Profits from our entities are reinvested, among other things, in the real estate market and to promote the entrepreneurial spirit worldwide. Apart from it, A&K Ventures strives to automate business and everyday processes. We implement semi- and full automation within our business structures. A&K Ventures Foundation supports entrepreneurship and cooperates with Singularity University.

Entrepreneurship is an individual’s ability to turn ideas into action. It includes creativity, innovation, risk-taking, the ability to plan and manage projects in order to achieve objectives. Why are we so active in Europe at the moment?

As per the European Commission, only 37% of Europeans would like to be self-employed, compared to 51% of people in the US and China. There are many challenges to be tackled we have no impact on, these include:

  • education should offer the right foundation for an entrepreneurial career
  • difficult access to finance and markets
  • difficulty in transferring businesses
  • the fear of ‘punitive’ sanctions in case of failure
  • burdensome administrative procedures
Why are we based in Estonia?

It takes just five minutes to register a company in Estonia, says Amadeusz Annissimo, the Co-Owner of A&K Ventures. Entrepreneurs wishing to start a firm log in with their national electronic identity card (which is issued within 2 weeks after a submission of the online application) and a few clicks later the confirmation arrives by e-mail. That service and many other equally convenient electronic offerings are a big reason why we have chosen Tallinn, Estonia’s capital, to set up our business. We have been also considering Berlin, London, and even Silicon Valley, but those locations are far more expensive (initial capital, office rent, fees, taxes, etc.).

Our Actions

Initiatives of A&K Ventures aim to reignite Europe’s entrepreneurial spirit by:

  • educating young people about entrepreneurship (A&K Ventures Foundation)
  • highlighting opportunities for students, expats, migrants, and other groups
  • creating jobs for the aforementioned groups
Who do we focus on?

A&K Ventures aims to encourage more people to set up their own business. Certain groups, such as students, family businesses, expats, liberal professions or migrants are particularly targeted.

Support we provide

To encourage more people to become entrepreneurs and provide support to existing ones, A&K Ventures supports entrepreneurship education, co-funds programs and events for young entrepreneurs as well as manages support networks. Apart from it, we provide (free of charge):

  • support in fulfilling administrative requirements
  • training sessions and workshops
  • legal support
  • financial and accounting solutions for our partners
Advice and opportunities

We encourage everyone to try his chances and become independent. So, if you what to change something in your life and have great ideas, reach out to us. Tell us your story. We will find time to hear every voice.

Membership and donating

As we are a young and developing company every donation means a lot to us. Become the part of our A&K Ventures community. By donating even a nominal sum you help individuals to grow and support their entrepreneurial spirit. What is more, by donating you become a member of our A&K Ventures community. Once with us, you get an unlimited access to our database, tutoring, and guidelines essential for everyone who wants to get some insight into the entrepreneurial and startup world. We cooperate with e.g. “Founder Institute” and “Singularity University”. Make a change today.





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