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Why set up a business in Phoenix?

A&K Ventures was established in Estonia in 2016. Since then, the company has been operating mainly in the EU. Along with its continuous expansion, we opened regional offices in Berlin and Warsaw. After Germany and Poland, we decided to set up a business in Phoenix, AZ. Why Phoenix seemed to be a perfect location for our HQ in the United States?

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How You Can Build a Startup as a Non-Tech Founder?

Startups and innovative technology have become so synonymous with one another, that many people now think that you can’t create one without the other. And while it is necessary to have an understanding of the technology that you’re building, you actually don’t need to be a developer or engineer or computer scientist to launch an impactful company. Can Anyone with Any Level of Technical Proficiency Start a Company Today?

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7 Startup Lessons I Learned at My First Street Fairs

While most startups rely on social media and ads to promote their company and attract customers, believe it or not, there’s still a place for old-fashioned face to face interactions. What better place to conduct these interactions than your local street fairs? In this syndicated blog post from Coralee Dixon (Founder/CEO of Shortcake and Graduate of the New York Founder Institute), you’ll learn some of the best ways to use local street fairs to help your startup.

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How Reebok Is Breaking the Mold by ‘3D Drawing’ Shoe Soles

You may be surprised to learn that if you walked into a shoe factory today versus forty years ago, a lot of what you’d see would be the same. At the heart of footwear manufacturing, one key thing has been slowing down production for decades—shoe molds. Molds are expensive, labor-intensive, and time-consuming, yet they’re critical throughout production. Molds for midsoles, molds for outsoles, molds for shoe cushioning. You get the point.

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