A&K Real Estate

The Challenge

Real Estate markets are characterized by the lack of transparency. They are based on each country complex legislation. Poland and Germany are considered ones of the best European countries to invest in as far as the real estate is concerned. The Polish property market grew exponentially between over the last 20 years and was not even strongly affected by the global economic crisis of 2008. After the crisis, the market still continues to develop, creating plenty of opportunities both in commercial and residential real estate markets. The same dynamics can be observed in Germany.

Yet, still, the path leading to investing in Polish or German properties is pretty winding and bumpy for a foreign investor, especially a private one with limited funds.

The Solution

A&K Real Estate delivers professional services for foreign investors in the Polish and German real estate markets.

A&K Real Estate comes forward to cater for investor’s needs through three divisions: A&K Real Estate Advisory, A&K Real Estate Brokerage, and A&K Real Estate Valuations. This is the first company (which does not belong to so called “Big 4”) that helps foreign private and institutional investors to get a grasp of both markets, German and Polish, and invest there with success.

Apart from the core activity, A&K Real Estate promotes German and Polish real estate markets. It shares valuable insights into those markets, creating for any interested party a unique gateway.

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