Cooperation with “Altair” company

The Challenge

Altair is a well-known company in Poland. It was established in 1994. While the firm’s position was unendangered in Poland it had some difficulties with establishing relationships and distribution channels in West European countries.

The Solution

We succeeded in promoting the highest quality, tailor-made seat covers across Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. We started a long-term cooperation with a Polish-based “Altair” company. Mainly, we helped to develop its sales channels as well as increase the presence in countries of Western Europe.

We were able to make the target audience aware that the seats in a car are important and hold as much value as the exterior of the car. Car seat covers not only protect car’s seats but make it look good, too. This is the main message we managed to put through to western customers. Altair provides high-quality custom covers for various car’s types and brands. A real masterpiece that looks just like an original upholstery. All of Altair’s seat covers are made in Poland which assures their quality. Currently, we are a happy business partner of Altair company and takes care of its distribution, marketing and sales funnels in the Western Europe.

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