Berlin Sandwiches

The Challenge

Fresh food delivery straight to Berlin offices. Set-up of an online ordering and payment system. To empower students and emigrants, and create new jobs for them.

The Solution

We created a start-up company that offers the best sandwiches and snacks in Berlin. A delivery to offices in Berlin is from Monday to Friday (6:00 – 20:00). delivers healthy and fresh sandwiches, wraps, bagels, greenies, snacks and desserts. Clients can choose from a wide range of fresh and healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner options. prepares and sells homemade natural sandwiches and snacks for employees as well as provides catering services for corporate meetings, events & receptions. Fresh produce from the region is carefully prepared every morning in the kitchen. The company cares for special dietary requirements (e.g. lactose, nut- or gluten-free, etc.).

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