Classification mapping services

The Challenge

Mapping of the Business Activity Codes, which are also known as Industry Classification Codes can simply be defined as an activity that is done with the objective of administration Internal Revenue Codes. Modern world companies have to spend a lot of effort on this mapping process. The whole roadmap to pinpoint two desired classifications is confusing and tangled. There are more than 300 business activity classification mappings worldwide. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Industrial classifications are just one example, with the product, statistical, data mining, chemical, and many other classifications coming after in a line. Almost each and every country has its national business activity classification both in its local language. When it comes to biggest economies (i.e. United States, Germany, Japan, China, Brazil, Russia, France, United Kingdom) there are even several valid classifications. What is more, these codes are updated every 3-5 years on average. Whereas newer versions are already mapped with previous ones by national statistical offices, there is no benchmark or point of reference between classifications for chosen countries.

The Solution created by A&K Ventures is about connecting the dots, building the bridges. We have found a solution to the complexity of the problem. With our new outsourcing technology, (semi-automated mapping) we manage to finalize the job within a short period of time and at the same time deliver the best quality. Moreover, we create new jobs for freelancers worldwide.

It is all about putting matching elements together. We provide mapping services between various industrial classification code systems. End product delivered by us hits a client’s mailbox in a selected file format. The final mapping consists of complete correspondence tables between two selected industrial classifications. Our conversion tables are ready to use with business tools such as MS Excel, can be uploaded to SQL and NoSQL databases for business analysis purposes or may be also used by your developer in various applications. Apart from it, provides also:

  • Mapping services (among others) for product, medical, and statistical classifications.
  • Strategic consulting on classification codes when it comes to your company and performed business activities.
  • Advisory with regards to different classifications.

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