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About Us

A&K Ventures OÜ is a company established in July 2016 by Amadeusz Annissimo and Karol Kaczmarek. We don't have a grandiose story of creating the business out of passion or to change the world. We start ventures in markets where we see an opportunity to make a profit by serving existing customers' needs. From home & office cleaning services, blog for homemakers through real estate consulting, and web development to data preparation work for large enterprises nothing is below us or above our reach. Recognizing a market demand, we have also developed Net Zero Compare, a portal that offers businesses comparisons of eco-friendly products like carbon credits and carbon consumption accounting software. Our philosophy is a plain and simple exchange of value: giving individuals and businesses what they need and getting paid for our work.

If you are our customer or business partner that was wondering why out of all places are we registered in Estonia, here's the answer: we chose Estonia as a place to start our business for its friendly business environment, low administrative burden, and solid transparency principles. Even a few years after that decision we're still positively surprised from time to time how easy it is to get things done there, without unnecessary bureaucracy.


We met in 2009 during a freshman year at SGH Warsaw School Of Economics, a business school in the capital city of Poland. We were a part of a small group of students who chose to take as many courses taught in English as possible. We had similar goals and knew that one day we would start a business. A couple of years after graduating, and getting work experience at big corporations and venture-funded startups, we did just that.

Even though we share very similar backgrounds, we have completely different personalities, skills, talents, and areas of expertise complementing each other to run strong businesses and lead globally distributed teams.

Amadeusz Annissimo
Karol Kaczmarek

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