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One Vision

Various entities and brands with the same objective operating under A&K Ventures.


We support entrepreneurs throughout the whole business life cycle.


We measure the success by accomplishing missions and achieving goals.


Our unique structure enables us to operate globally and think locally at the same time.


A&K Ventures was set up by two young entrepreneurs who decided to strive for making their dreams come true by opening a unique company. A&K Ventures establishes and develops separate entities and brands whenever the opportunity arises. We expand globally by promoting entrepreneurs that operate locally. We do not hire people, we encourage them to set up their own businesses so they can cooperate with us in the long run. We have been successfully replicating this business model from the very beginning. What is more, we empower and focus on such groups like students, expats, and emigrants. We support them by creating new, always challenging jobs.

Entrepreneurship is an individual’s ability to turn ideas into action. It includes creativity, innovation, risk-taking, the ability to plan and manage projects in order to achieve objectives. We decided to start our own business to make our dreams come true. By the way, we have noticed that we could help others out to take the matters into their own hands and start being financially independent.


Why set up a business in Phoenix?

A&K Ventures was established in Estonia in 2016. Since then, the company has been operating mainly in the EU. Along with its continuous expansion, we opened regional offices in Berlin and Warsaw. After Germany and Poland, we decided to set up a business in Phoenix, AZ. Why Phoenix seemed to be a perfect location for our HQ in the United States?

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How You Can Build a Startup as a Non-Tech Founder?

Startups and innovative technology have become so synonymous with one another, that many people now think that you can’t create one without the other. And while it is necessary to have an understanding of the technology that you’re building, you actually don’t need to be a developer or engineer or computer scientist to launch an impactful company. Can Anyone with Any Level of Technical Proficiency Start a Company Today?

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Become the part of our A&K Ventures community. Join us and get connected with individuals who share the same entrepreneurial spirit like you. Once you become a member of our A&K Ventures community you may get an unlimited access to our database, mentor programs, and guidelines essential for everyone who wants to get some insight into the entrepreneurial and startup world. We cooperate with e.g. “Founder Institute” and “Singularity University”. Make a change today.

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